Whiskey Tasting Tour Of Scotland

If you are trading in Scotland why not make the tour a dedicated one to Scotch, the drink that the country is known for? Indeed, there are whiskey tasting tours you could take in and around Edinburgh that would take you on a different trail unlike what you would savor when you simply travel and see the usual landmarks of the city or country.

If you read the 1880 novel by Robert Louis Stevenson called The Scotsman’s Return from Abroad, he shows you a Scottish person’s craving for this strong stuff which even the Bourbon of America could not provide. Mr. Stevenson showcased how he was down in the dumps and it was all because he did not get access to his beloved drink.

Whiskey Tasting

Today the Scotch whiskey is more easily found all over the world, but there are certain unique watering holes in Scotland and whiskey making places that warrant a visit for all who wish to trace the origins of this fine drink. The scotch whiskey experience can be tried at Royal Mile which is located close to Edinburgh Castle. One can visit the magical land of whiskey making here and even to savor the brewed and aged drink at the end of the tour. Here the whiskey production process is explained along with historic facts showcased. There are about 3000 bottles of whiskeys on display here, which is by itself an education and experience. My friend from a carpet cleaning airdrie company was lucky enough to visit the Royal mile and said it was not to be missed. 

The tour is named as the scotch whiskey experience for good reason. There is a cozy bar here where you could pay a bit more and get to sample four single malts as complimentary to your tour visit. Those who take the platinum package will get to save a Scotch Whiskey that is 21 years of age. This tour could be pre-booked but one could also walk in and enjoy the experience. The place also has a café, a restaurant, a shop where you will get ten percent discount on the basis of your tour ticket.

There is another place known as KI Bar and Restaurant that has 300 distillations and a great place to sample Scottish whiskey and craft beer as well which form part of their extensive menu.

Albanach is a Scottish pub in Edinburgh that not only has interesting wall décor made of Tartan design but has 100 varieties that one could sample for a small price. The Bow Bar is another that is located on West Bow Street and has about 200 varieties that one could taste.

You could also check out the Glenkinchie distillery that is located in East Lothian. The premises are open for tours and you could sit back and enjoy tasting the single malt that fires up your insides and has a hint of spiciness to offer as well.