Graffiti Art In Brooklyn, New York

If you are interested in checking out something different in any city, one unique tour would be to check out the graffiti in a city like Brooklyn. Indeed, graffiti art is a unique way that urban artists express themselves and it has much to reveal about the culture and sentiments of communities that are local to a region. If you check out the graffiti art that is found on the walls in the streets of Brooklyn you will find much to be intrigued about. This is the Brooklyn area in New York that is infamous for a number of things and one of them is the controversial spray painting that is found in many parts of this region.

Graffiti Art

If you visit the Bedford and Stuyvesant area, you will find graffiti on most walls here. Do not expect to find sophisticated street art by graduating artists here as some might look like gibberish; indeed, there is much unrest here as one would find the bulletproof glasses as proof when one visits the local liquor stores. Indeed, everything is not fine in this part of the city. However, this is but one part of Brooklyn of New York, which is known to have about 2.5 million residents.

Besides the graffiti on the walls, you will also find unique wall art such as poetry on parking walls. Indeed, a group of art enthusiasts decided to showcase a unique aspect of street art. This can be found in a parking garage, which is located by Macy’s departmental store. Poetry in the form of cryptic messages, they definitely create an intriguing effect on anyone who glances at the walls.

Another part of Brooklyn, the Bushwick suburb is known to have had a troubled past. Landlords often burnt down houses when tenants were unemployed and unable to pay rent. It was a way of getting money from the insurance companies. Today this area has a better economy with modern condominiums that have replaced the torched apartments that used to be here. The graffiti on the walls in this section showcase much of the conflict and economic recession that was a part of the past.