Certain Places In Amsterdam We Miss Out On When Traveling

There are several gems like places that are often not mentioned or talked about in standard travel guides and books. Here is a list of places to check out in Amsterdam. When you plan an iconic vacation you would probably be visiting the landmarks that are well advertised and known about. Most people do that, they balance and pose by sky rises and try other ways to take pictures in unique ways by landmarks that are famous in any city or area one is traveling to. Here are some places that you might want to visit if you stop by in Amsterdam and are sure to enjoy these lesser-known landmarks.


Cobra museum of modern art is one of the museums that might not make the hot list of places that are a must visit in Amsterdam. To visit this museum you need to take a bus or a tram ride if you are in central Amsterdam. Here you will find colorful and playful works by the Cobra group of the 20th century. The members of the group came from Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Brussels and from the names of these cities in the name of the group were formed.

Another offbeat destination you could check out in Amsterdam would be House of Bols. Its founder was Lucas Bols and founded in the year 1575. The company is known to be the oldest distilling venture and this place has several interesting aspects to check out such as a tasting room and an interactive museum. You will get a tour of the old and the ancient Dutch art of distilling as well as get to taste delicious cocktails by the end of the tour.

Rembrandt Park is a green park area that is located in the western part of the city. Though it might not be as popular as the Vondelpark that gets a lot of football, this park is located in the working and the modern business area of the city. You will find a petting zoo, a great playground area for your kids as well as sculptures that impress for sure.

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